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We look for the throughline that connects science with the human condition.

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Our Story

Living in Synergy® Origins

Living in Synergy® was created from the core of René, her deep desire to leave the world a better place than she found it.

Living in Synergy® is about bringing everything into balance. Its foundation is about holding opposing forces, managing those paradoxes, and combining science with storytelling. The founder, René, was born into innovation. She has lived and worked in science her entire life. Discovering the throughlines and connective tissues between science and storytelling is the foundation of Living in Synergy®.

  • Brilliant Ideas
  • Humanities at our core
  • Innovative approaches
  • Cultural Phenomenon

We bring a better understanding of the art of humanities.

Storytelling, Activism, Civil Rights, Human Rights. Our podcast covers these topics and a lot more.

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Human Rights Activism

Living in Synergy® is exploring the human condition and scientific discoveries to advocate for a better world.

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Living in Synergy® Podcast will cover topics such as civil rights, how the human form is represented in film and media, and how the selfie gives rise to higher self-criticism and a stive for false perfection. Taboo topics… We are diving deep into vital topics for our societies to heal, and we find the lost Synergy we once had.

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How we think about our lived experience

This Podcast will be dedicated to how we think about our lived experiences.

Our Host

Check back often for updates on our guests and the topics we covered.

We Provide the Most Innovative Approach to Solving Cultural Phenomenon

To be a guest on the show, email us.

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